Some of the Players

Billy Walters:

Billy just bought 160 publically owned acres of land from  the City Council for only $5,600 an acre. Adjacent golf course frontage land owned by Walters is being offered for $130,000 per acre. Billy is also known to many to be a close friend of the Mayor and several Councilmen.  His name often appears on politician's campaign contribution reports.  And as of Mar 15, The Nevada Supreme Court has reinstated a money-laundering indictment against professional gambler Billy Walters.

Fremont St. Experience LLC

The LLC is owned by a cartel of downtown casino barons including Steve Wynn and Chuck Ruthe.  Wynn and Ruthe are two of the most generous political campaign contributors in town. This is the same Steve Wynn who demanded in 1990 that the City Council not take the Pappas' and other's properties to be transferred to his competitor Bob Snow because the properties were not, in his words, "blighted."  In 1993, Mr. Wynn became an owner, through the Golden Nugget's interest in the LLC, of the Pappas' property. Up until recently, Mayor Jan Jones was also a stockholder in Mirage/Golden Nugget and therefore indirectly benefitted from the taking of Pappas' land. (see: "10 Most Corrupt Cities in America", George Magazine, March 1998.

Rick Rizzolo

Owner: Crazy Horse Too. Rizzolo is a Close friend of Councilman Mike McDonald.