Tourist Claims He Was Assaulted at Crazy Horse Two
Las Vegas Tribune
October 30, 2002
By Steve Miller

Chris Johnson, a tourist from Glendale, California paid a visit to the Crazy Horse Two topless bar on Monday morning, October 21. Within a few minutes, Johnson says that he was lying in Industrial Road with an injured ankle.

"I went to the counter at the front door of the Crazy Horse Two topless bar with my ID and Visa card. Next thing I knew, a bouncer was pushing me away from the entrance for a reason I am not aware of. He pushed me into the parking lot and onto the curb. Then he pushed me again into the street where I fell twisting my ankle. I hobbled away until I could flag a taxi to the Palace Station where I was staying. There, I became aware that I had suffered a severely sprained ankle that was swelling rapidly. I called police. Police responded and I filed a written statement. After filing the report, the police took me back to the Crazy Horse to identify the bouncer or others involved. The management brought out a bouncer, but he was not the one who assaulted me. I remember the man who assaulted me was quite big, but it happened so fast that I did not get a good look at him. I do not have the slightest idea why I was ejected, possibly they thought I didnít have any money because I wanted to use a charge card. The police went in and out of the Crazy Horse several times, but reported that management did not recall the incident ever occurring. I am considering filing a lawsuit for assault and battery against the Crazy Horse Two."

This was not the first such incident reported at the topless bar. On September 20, 2001, Kansas resident Kirk Henry claimed that he had been ejected from the bar for allegedly not paying an eighty-eight dollar bar tab. He then said that two bar employees beat him and took all his cash with the exception of one dollar.

One of the bouncers reportedly snapped Henry's neck causing his spinal cord to sever. His injuries resulted in paralysis from the neck down.

On May 24, Kenneth Kirkpatrick told police that he had a disagreement with the management of the Crazy Horse regarding the amount of his bill. In the police report he claimed he was forced to sign a charge on his Visa card for $220, and according to the report: "the bouncers were shoving (him) around. Security then knocked him to the ground and punched and kicked him in the face and back of the head. Victim's arms were grabbed and he was handcuffed. Victim then states he felt hands in his pockets." A few minutes later his wallet was tossed into his lap, the handcuffs were taken off and he was told to leave. Later he discovered that $140 was missing from his wallet, the report stated.

On September 28, California residents Joel Denney, Mark Bujuklian, and Sean Spanek filed notarized affidavits with Metro Police also claiming to have been beaten up by bouncers after they complained about being charged $400 for a bottle of champagne.

On August 4, 1995, Scott David Fau was found beaten to death next to railroad tracks behind the Crazy Horse Too. Witnesses reported seeing Fau being severely beaten by Crazy Horse employees in the parking lot after he was ejected. Fau's widow brought a wrongful death action against the bar. The case is scheduled for trial in January 2003.

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