Affidavits Accuse Crazy Horse Too of Prostitution and Drug Sales
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August 16, 2000
By Steve Miller

LAS VEGAS - Affidavits were filed on Monday in Nevada State Court accusing politically connected Crazy Horse Too owner Frederick Rizzolo of allowing acts of prostitution and the sales of illegal drugs to occur in his topless night club located at 2476 Industrial Rd.

The document surfaced in a derisive lawsuit filed by neighboring tenant Buffalo Jim Barrier, owner of Allstate Auto and Marine. In the lawsuit Barrier accuses Rizzolo and the property's landlord Renata Schiff of conspiring to evict his business to make room for expansion of the topless club that pays much higher rent than the auto repair busines. Barrier has nine years remaining on his lease.

Former employees of Rizzolo or Schiff signed two of the Affidavits released from District Court records. A patron of the club signed another. Two other affidavits were signed by confessed drug dealers.

In the affidavit of Lawrence Justin Hilgar, it states: "During the period 1997-98 I was a manufacturer of methamphetamine for sale. During that period I manufactured and sold methamphetamines to dancers at the Crazy Horse Too. I made such sales to dancers named 'Lacey' and 'Justice.' The sales to these two 'dancers' were of such quantities and frequencies without serious and immediate health consequences. Accordingly, such sales were clearly for resale. During the period I was making these sales to these dancers, I went into the Crazy Horse Too to deliver those drugs three of four times."

In the affidavit of David Beamis it states: "Upon entering the Club, I was offered an opportunity to be taken to the 'Empire Room' for a fee of $100, which I paid. I was taken out the back door, up a ramp in the back and into a room so dark I could not see my hand in front of my face even though my investigation showed that the Empire Room is permitted as a restaurant. The female employees 'dancers' in the Empire Room paid particular attention to me, specifically I was asked if I wanted to
engage in sexual acts and was offered cocaine. I was offered a lap dance during which it was explained to me that I could not touch the girl while in the Gentlemen's Club, but I was also told specifically that I could have any thing I wanted if l would go to the limo. I was told a trip in the limo would cost $300."

In an interview with Lawrence Justin Hilgar conducted by attorney Glade Hall and entered into the court record, Hall affirms that Hilgar told him that he had been convicted of sale of controlled substance and was an ex-felon. Halgar also told Hall that packets of methamphetamine and/or other illegal drugs are sold to customers (of the Crazy Horse) for the purpose of enhancing the sexual experience of 'friction dances.'"

In the affidavit of Sandra Write-Kelemen, it states: "Affiant worked at the Crazy Horse Too from May of 1994 for approximately one year, and was rehired to work at the Crazy Horse Too from September 1998, and worked until June of 1999. In a conversation with Bart Rizzolo, father of Rick Rizzolo, Mr. Rizzolo stated that they need to get Buffalo Jim out of
there for their expansion. I have repeatedly heard employees talk about Rizzolo's wanting to expand into James Barrier's space. I have further heard that both the Rizzolo's and other employees of Crazy Horse Too are making calls to the City and other public agencies to make unfounded complaints about the operation of the business of James Barrier. While I was employed at the Crazy Horse Too, the 'dancers' engaged in an activity called a 'friction dance' wherein the male customer puts on a condom and the dancer straddles the customer and manipulates her body against the male customer so as to arose or gratify the sexual desire of the male customer."

In the affidavit of Robert L. Westphal, it states: "I am an owner and operator of a business, located at 2201 Industrial Road,
Las Vegas, Nevada, known as Don and Lee's Trim Shop, an awning contractor business. Over the last few years a serious problem has developed regarding traffic and parking around the Crazy Horse Too, to the point that there are times when that business has so many customers parking cars, that the street becomes impassable. Both sides of the street have vehicles parked back to back and the Crazy Horse Too valet parking attendants are parking patrons vehicles on private property. This has created problems of access to my business and surrounding businesses and creates a serious problem in the even there were a fire, because it blocks access to my property and surrounding properties. That the patrons of Crazy Horse Too scatter trash and garbage consisting of greeting cards of the dancers, used condoms, drug paraphernalia consisting of used needles and empty 'baggies,' discarded beer bottles, liquor glasses and pornography of various types. Recently, I arrived at my business to find my parking lot again, particularly soiled with the above items. I went to the Crazy Horse Too and spoke with Bart Rizzolo. I asked if be would send someone to my property to clean my parking lot. Mr. Rizzolo refused to do so. I told him I would sweep it up and bring it down to Crazy Horse Too and dump it out. He replied that, if I did, he would 'blow my f---ing head off.'"

In the affidavit of Don Welch, it states: "Affiant worked for Jim Barrier at his All State Auto and Marine Electrical Repair Shop at 2480 Industrial Road, Las Vegas, Nevada. During the period of my employment I repeatedly observed sexual activity taking place in the parking lots surrounding Crazy Horse Too gentlemen's Club, being performed by the employees of Crazy Horse Too. During the period I worked for Jim Barrier, there were repeated threats made by employees of Crazy Horse Too to take over Jim Barriers leased space. It was reported by various City Inspectors that Rick Rizzolo was calling this City of Las Vegas to report alleged violations of City Code and repeated inspections of Barrier's operation were conducted by various City Officials."

In the affidavit of Michael Parquette, it states: "The presence of a new boyfriend named Don Suttles, boyfriend to Trustee, Renate Schiff over the last two years has resulted in Renate Schiff having apparently delegated landlord responsibilities to Mr. Suttles. Mr. Suffles has taken a number of different actions that have been found offensive by various tenants of Schiff Properties and his presence has essentially changed the relationship between various tenants, including Mr. Barrier, and Schiff.
I personally know that Mr. Suttles is at the Crazy Horse Too frequently and he is there as property manager for Schiff properties. That in that capacity, he spoke with both Rick Rizzolo and Bart Rizzolo about evicting James Barrier and his various businesses in order to obtain Barrier's space for an expansion of Crazy Horse Too. That the violations that are claimed within
the Five Day Notices to Cease & Desist, Comply or Quit, do not exist as a result of Mr. Barrier but some of them exist relative to the overcrowding caused by Crazy Horse Too. That I further know that Mr. Rizzolo has offered to buy the building from
Renate Schiff on numerous occasions but apparently has not been able to achieve an agreement with Ms. Schiff. That I personally have been advised by Rick Rizzolo and Bart Rizzolo, Rick Rizzolo's father, that they want Jim Barrier out of his space so that they can expand their Gentlemen's Cabaret to the South. They personally advised me that they had made an offer to Mr. Barrier to buy out his lease. That I personally know that Mr. Rizzolo has, over the years, made complaints to the Nevada Department of Transportation or to the city Fire Marshall regarding Mr. Barrier's business."

Judge Michael Cherry has scheduled trial for October 10, and 11, 2000. Barrier is also filing a Federal Racketeering lawsuit against Rizzolo, Schiff, and officials of the City of Las Vegas. Barrier claims that city officials at the behest of Rizzolo friend,
Councilman Michael McDonald, harassed him and his customers as a favor to Rizzolo.

McDonald lives in a $500,000 villa on the Canyon Gate Country Club. The house is owned by the family of an associate of Rizzolo and is rented to the councilman for an undisclosed amount.

Frederick Rizzolo, Renata Schiff, and Councilman McDonald did not return phone calls to be interviewed for this story.

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